Jill Galt 
Choral Workshop

is an opportunity for singers
to vocalize, blending with other vocalists in an intimate choral group around the piano. A relaxed, informal environment will afford you the opportunity to work on your sight-reading skills, strengthen your voice, improve your intonation, enhance your confidence...
all while enjoying a diverse repertoire.
Have fun doing what you love  to do.


Bring Your Own Voice
B.Y.O.V.©  is a
drop-in choral workshop especially for
students (or referred by students) of Jill Galt.
B.Y.O.V.© will take place at my home on Blackwood Street.
We want to keep the group small.  No more than 12 singers.
We want to have fun and we want to create beautiful music while we improve our sight-reading and singing skills.

The cost is $20 for a 2 hour session.
Please speak to me if you are unable to pay this amount.
We will meet from
6:30 - 8:30 pm every 2 weeks

If you would like to do more singing each week,
this is your opportunity.
There will be a thorough warm-up session,
including work on dreaded solfege,
followed by easy 2 and 3 part harmony singing.
Then  we will move onto more challenging pieces.

There is no weekly commitment. You pay as you go.
Lots of aspects of this group, we will figure out as we go! 

I hope to see you on Wednesday nights!
Please send me a message and let me know if you would like to attend.
And don't forget to B.Y.O.V.©


You can reach me at:
"A singer sings!"
"A Singer Sings!!!"